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Ibiza & Formentera


The municipality of Ibiza is the smallest yet the one with most inhabitants in the island. Due to including the island’s capital, it also counts with all the island’s most important institutions. Ibiza has inspiring museums, including the Archaeological Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art, and important historical sites. Among them, the necropolis of Puig des Molins,the ancient irrigation systems known as 'Portals de Feixa'. Several beaches, as Talamanca, Figueretes or Platja d'en Bossa, are located nearby and offer various water sports.

San Antonio

The municipality of San Antonio Abad is one of the main tourist centres of the island and is located on the west coast. The city of San Antonio is popular with European visitors due to the splendid beauty of the Bay and its spectacular sunsets that have made some sunset bars world famous. It features a fully renovated port that includes fishing, recreational and commercial marine activities and has become in recent years one of the most popular ports of the Balearic archipelago. Part of the same municipality includes the towns of San Rafael, San Mateo (known for its wine production) and Santa Inés (with a characteristic almond tree landscape). Outside of the urban center of San Antonio is the cave of Ses Fontanelles, which houses a collection of cave paintings. The drawings were made in the Bronze Age (1000 years BC.), According to a French archaeologist, Abbe Henri Breuil, who discovered them in 1917.

San Jose

San José is the largest municipality of the island and has a large sun and beach tourism presence. In San José we find the mountain of Sa Talaia with the highest altitude on Ibiza with 475 meters. The town of san José offers all kinds of services and the west side reaches the mythical beaches of Cala D´Hort, with views to the emblematic isle of es Vedrá, Cala Vadella, ideal for families, Cala Molí, Cala Conta with it´s new ecological urbanization and Cala Bassa, all of them with spectacular sunsets.

San Juan

The municipality of San Juan is located in the north of the island, covers an area of about 121 kilometers and is composed of three major tourist resorts and a number of tourist centers, numerous facilities and agro-tourism hotels that have been established in the recent years throughout the municipality. It is known for its natural features such as Es Amunts, with its cliffs, mountains, streams, creeks and beaches. Much of the municipality is protected, being an ideal place for rural holidays.

Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is the second most populated municipaity of the island, after the city of Ibiza, and offers a variety of beaches, lovely towns, solitary fields and little markets, attracting thousands of tourists every season. This town has a lot of activity throughout the year and has many services and shops, a beach in the city center, an attractive promenade and a marina. Golf enthusiasts will find in Santa Eulalia, on the road leading to the beach of Cala Llonga, the only course on the island. The area also offers many facilities for water sports and the development of activities within the island. The two busiest markets on the island are in this county, in es Canar and Sant Carles, which also offer some unforgettable walk throughs.


The island is part of the Pine Islands and the Balearic archipelago. It is one of the smallest, with an area of 83.24 km2 and a population of about 9,200 people, and there is a population density of about 110 persons per square km. It is almost four miles from Ibiza, and 100 km away from Jávea (Alicante), the closest point of the Iberian Peninsula. Its coastline stretches for 69 km, where you can find very attractive cliffs and beaches. This island is virtually flat, except for the cliffs of La Mola, representing its highest point with a height of 192 meters. The climate is mild, and the average temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius, with nearly 2,900 hours of sunshine annually. Formentera is known as the last paradise of the Mediterranean for its ability to combine tourism with environmental protection. Formentera has struggled for several generations for the conservation of an island, it´s beaches, clear waters and climate that make it a little jewel of the Mediterranean. You can only reach Formentera by boat from Ibiza. This inaccessibility makes it a quiet place to escape the stress and overcrowding. You can enjoy the island´s biking or swimming in its more than 20 miles of white sand beaches and infinite transparent waters, where you can also practice all kinds of other water sports. The secret to the existence of these crystalline waters and long beaches in Formentera is the grass meadow that surrounds the island, a natural purifier that cleans the water and allows the deposit of sand in the shoreline. An authentic underwater jungle declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The success of tourism in the island, loved by residents and visitors, is that people still find something different in Formentera. The difference is marked by respect for nature, the survival of their own culture and the vision of achieving exclusivity through environmental protection. Other concepts differentiating Formentera are freedom and light which have become, since the 70s, attractive for artists and artisans and are today part of the heritage of the island. The local design in clothing, accessories, jewellery and artwork, are unique to Formentera.


The island is the third largest of the Baearic archipelago and, next to Formentera, forms the “Pitiusas Islands”. Named by The Greek, it means islands with pines. There are 80,000 inhabitants and the climate is excellent, with a median annual maximum temperature of 21.5°C and a minimum of 14°C.

The ancient Fenicians had a Sun Route and Ibiza is located right along this route, in the western part of the Mediterranean, it has an extension of 572km2 and 210 km2 of coastline. The highest point is on Sa Talaia (389m) and the waters around the island abound with isles, some of which like sa Conillera (7,29km) account for a whole natural world.

Ibiza island is divided into five municipalities: Eivissa, the capital, Santa Eularia, Sant Antoni. Sant Josep and Sant Joan. Each one of those offers the visitor different and complimentary possibilities.

In the late 60s and during the 70s, the island of Ibiza enjoyed a tourism expansion that has enabled economic development above that which was provided by their traditional resources.

Ibiza has become today's point of reference for young people around the world for its lively nightlife, however the island offers numerous coves and beaches for those seeking tranquility. Local products are sold such as “flaón”, "orelletes” and the liquor “Hierbas Ibizencas”. "In the textile sector the “Adlib” fashion is world famous. Local markets are also well known such as Es Cana and Las Dalias.

World Heritage

The island's cultural and natural wealth have been the foundation for enabling Ibiza town to be declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999, during the XXIII meeting held in the city of Marrakech. Thanks to the geographical location of the Pitiusas islands, Ibiza and Formentera, were a key strategic point in the Mediterranean east-west shipping routes and soon became an important reference for the successive civilizations that made history throughout the centuries and have left their mark on this village whose origin was conceived with the arrival of the Phoenicians, who called Ibiza “Ibosim” in honor of the god Bes.

The fascinating islets west of Ibiza have long attracted the interest of people. The nature reserve of Es Vedra, Es Vedranell, Illots de Ponent have an area of ​​approximately 232.7 hectares of land and 564.96 hectares of sea.

Additionally, these sites are a home for many species of birds and they have been declared a “Special Protection Area for Birds of the EU”. The natural wealth of the land is only surpassed by the deep natural beauty of the underwater world that surrounds the islands, ideal for scuba divers.

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In Ibiza the sea is always present. Due to its location, characteristics, weather conditions and varied services the island offers extensive facilities for the practice of any nautical activity year round.

Nautical Clubs and Ports

Club Náutico de Ibiza Club Náutico de Sant Antoni Club Náutico de Santa Eulària Ibiza Magna Puerto Deportivo Coralmar Puerto Deportivo Marina Botafoch Puerto Deportivo Marina Ibiza Puerto Deportivo Ibiza Nueva Puerto Deportivo Santa Eulalia


The golfing tourist can combine his passion for golf with a pleasant stay in the largest of the Pitiusas Islands. The Golf Club of Ibiza and Roca Llisa make their holes available to those who want to enjoy this activity while the outdoors and the Ibizan enviable climate allow the practice of this sport as much during the summer as in the winter. There are various tournaments throughout the year where fans can test their talents green to green. Ibiza offers visitors great natural beauty of great ecological value due to its environmental biodiversity. These qualities are reinforced on the golf course as the field is integrated seamlessly into the natural environment and to keep it in top condition only treated water is used for irrigation.

Hotels and Rural Hotels

Ibiza has a varied range of superb holiday luxury beachfront, boutique hotels and charming farmhouses in the island's countryside.

Ibiza Beaches

The nature of Ibiza is without doubt the most important attraction of the island. With an area of 572 square kilometers, the island offers 210 kilometers of beaches that can be enjoyed at any time, thanks to warm temperatures and 2948 hours of sunshine a year. Throughout its more than 18 miles of natural sand, lapped by crystal clear waters, Ibiza offers many opportunities to enjoy a swim in the sea on beaches with a wide range of services and different environments. There are magical coves such as Cala d'Hort, chaired by Es Vedra islet, others of equally singular beauty such as Platges de Comte, remote places such as the beaches of Pou des Lleó and larger beaches great for families like Platja d'en Bossa or Es Figueral. The beaches of Ses Salinas and Es Cavallet are protected natural environments, with a system of dunes of great environmental value.

Formentera Beaches

Formentera offers over 20km of white sandy beaches and clear waters with exceptonal shades of blue. On the island you can find typical tiny solitary coves and dream like beaches, all of them offering peace and quiet in a natural and preserved environment.

Ibiza International Schools

Ibiza has become a plausible destination for families around the world who want to relocate thanks to the support found in international schools.Morna International College: British School located en Santa Gertrudis.


The islands\'gastronomy is based on fresh, locally grown produce, as well as on fishing and hunting. Traditionally, meals were prepared with natural resources and simple elaboration. They had low cost and were delicious. One can say that the kitchen of Ibiza and Formentera is a rich and varied cuisine, based on the Mediterranean diet.

Beach Clubs

An important part of the Ibiza night scene are the many and varied musical bars located throughout the island. They are places where you can listen to good music in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the wonderful sunsets.The simplicity of the scenery, combined with fantastic weather and wonderful relaxing music creates something special every evening prior to entering the Ibiza night. Examples of these are the famous Café del Mar, Cafe Mambo, Kuhmaras, Blue Marlin, Sa Punta in Talamanca, Nassau Beach Club, Ushuaia and many others who are waiting for us at the seashore.


The island is host to the top world DJs as well as the largest and most innovative clubs. Thousands of people come each year to the island to form part of the worldwide famous parties of the Ibizan nightclubs. To promote them, creative parades are organized along the streets of the port of Ibiza. It is not unusual to see famous people enjoying the atmosphere on the terraces and nightclubs of the island. Internationally renown personalities expose themselves each year in massive parties. The Ibiza nightlife is in constant innovation and is positioned in the leading seat of the world\'s best nightlife: Pacha, Space, Ushuaia or the famous Lio in Marina Botafoch that offers live shows.

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