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Ibiza & Formentera
The island is part of the Pine Islands and the Balearic archipelago. It is one of the smallest, with an area of 83.24 km2 and a population of about 9,200 people, and there is a population density of about 110 persons per square km. It is almost four miles from Ibiza, and 100 km away from Jávea (Alicante), the closest point of the Iberian Peninsula. Its coastline stretches for 69 km, where you can find very attractive cliffs and beaches. This island is virtually flat, except for the cliffs of La Mola, representing its highest point with a height of 192 meters. The climate is mild, and the average temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius, with nearly 2,900 hours of sunshine annually. Formentera is known as the last paradise of the Mediterranean for its ability to combine tourism with environmental protection. Formentera has struggled for several generations for the conservation of an island, it´s beaches, clear waters and climate that make it a little jewel of the Mediterranean. You can only reach Formentera by boat from Ibiza. This inaccessibility makes it a quiet place to escape the stress and overcrowding. You can enjoy the island´s biking or swimming in its more than 20 miles of white sand beaches and infinite transparent waters, where you can also practice all kinds of other water sports. The secret to the existence of these crystalline waters and long beaches in Formentera is the grass meadow that surrounds the island, a natural purifier that cleans the water and allows the deposit of sand in the shoreline. An authentic underwater jungle declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The success of tourism in the island, loved by residents and visitors, is that people still find something different in Formentera. The difference is marked by respect for nature, the survival of their own culture and the vision of achieving exclusivity through environmental protection. Other concepts differentiating Formentera are freedom and light which have become, since the 70s, attractive for artists and artisans and are today part of the heritage of the island. The local design in clothing, accessories, jewellery and artwork, are unique to Formentera.
La Mola
La mola is a small town located in the highest area of Formentera. It’s famous for its local artisan markets, windmills and its lighthouse on white cliffs, an emblematic figure of both la mola and Formentera which is one of the tourist’s most popular destinations.
Es Pujols
Es Pujols is located on the north of the island. It is a very touristic region in the island with plenty of hotels, restaurants and services. It is located next to the sea and boasts a tranquil sandy beach where tourists can relax.

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